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今美千アイノ Aino Imamichi


Born in 1996. Based in Osaka, Japan.

Studied intensively in visual arts, psychology, and gender studies at St. Andrews University in the United States. After graduation, began working with digital media.
Since 2020, have continued to create and publish bodies of work centered around the personal project, “Psychē (プシケを織る)”.​

The works are characterized by shades of color that create a sense of transparency, characters with appealing facial expressions, and narratives that spin out from the illustrations.

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Four Seasons 『Weaving Psyches』Collection of Short Stories

Date of Issue:11/03/2021
​Printing Company:STARBOOKS


Including four short manga works based on the motifs of spring, summer, fall, and winter, as well as five newly illustrated works. 【A5 size/30 pages/full color】
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